These facilities meet environmental laws and regulations of the United States, Alabama, and Madison County for airborne emissions, waterborne effluents; solid and bulk waste disposal practices, handling and storage of toxic and hazardous chemicals, external radiation levels and outdoor noise. Some of the available PACER equipment in the below grid is seen in the picture




Tek 2465, 300 MHz, Analog

AC/DC current probes

Tek A6302

Signal generator

Tek FG501

Bench power supplies

BK Precision 5110, (2) Tek PS501-1


Tripplett 9045, (8) Tek DM501A

AC/DC Current Probe Amplifier

(4) Tek AM503

Other items include: soldering irons and accessories, a stock of electronics parts and magnetic cores, commercial accounts with electronics distribution companies to procure what is needed, and other specialty, circuit-board prototyping material, wire, dedicated PC, software tools such as MATLAB, MATHCAD, Circuit Analysis Programs, and a large library of electronics reference material, articles, and periodicals.

LM3691 4 MHz Buck Converter Testing at PACER

LM3691 4 MHz Buck Converter  Testing at PACER