Joyce Folk, President, CEO, COO and CFO.  BS Marketing. 1984. University of Tennessee-Knoxville.  MS Marketing.  1996. Auburn University (AL).  Oracle Certified.

Joyce founded PACER as a Woman-Owned Small Business with the idea of utilizing the background of Eric N. Folk recognizing the high demand of Eric’s analog circuit design background, sound design and development experience.  She also encouraged a re-direction of his possessed innovative skills that were being suppressed after being employed by others with narrow directed technological goals.  Through this, Joyce developed the PACER business plan with Eric at the focal point in not only a Consultant Role, but also leaving him to handle and direct the technology pursuits, while she handles the business, finance, and business capture proposal efforts.

Eric Folk, Director of Engineering (1099 Sub-Contractor).  BSEE Clemson University (SC).1984. Mr. Folk is currently the Director of Engineering of PACER and is primarily responsible for the execution of the technical aspects that are a flow-down from the strategic targets in the PACER business plan. An example of Eric’s PACER applications: Electrical Propulsion, Accelerometers and Sensors Interface with RS-232 for THAAD Missile, Wireless Sensors for Wind Tunnels, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery Testing and Data analysis for Directed Energy/Microwave Weapons, Video and Magnetic Deflection for Thermal Imaging, Power Supply Design for Tactical (Abrams and Bradley Fighting Vehicle), DSESTS Test Program Sets (ATE), Sensor Data Acquisition, Anti-Reconnaissance Protection Device  Development for PC/Internet Gateway, Gunfire Detection-Location-Range-Caliber Identification deployed in Iraq, Motor Control for: Gimbals, Gyros, Gunsights, and Periscopes.  In support of these applications, all of Eric’s involvement was in the design and development of Analog Circuits.

Other applications of Eric’s work, again all centered on analog circuit design: Cockpit Displays, Digital Avionic Radios, Avionic Solid State Power Controllers, Commercial and Military Aircraft, Satellites, Space Shuttle, LCD and CRT TV, Rear-Screen Projection TV, Computer Monitors, Mag-Lev Bullet Train, Blood Glucose Monitors, Sensors and Electric Vehicles.