PACER is Woman-Owned Small Business.  PACER is an Electronics Hardware Design Services Provider as well as an Electronics R/R&D Firm.  PACER provides Electronics Engineering Design Talent and Expertise to support the design of electronics for product development for Commercial, Military, and Space Applications.  Although our technical capabilities are broad, we specialize in Analog Circuit Design, Power Supply Design, Power Electronics Design, and Custom Magnetics Design.  We have 1099 sub-contractors on-call to perform digital design, software design, firmware design, mechanical box design and build, EMI, Project/Product Engineering, Systems Engineering, Reliability, Analysis, Maintainability and Test  Engineering, as well as forged alliances with manufacturing firms to provide turn-key, vertically integrated custom product development, and full life-cycle design solutions.

PACER also provides R&D Electronics Development. This is primarily investigation of new ideas and new approaches over a current-day, common art of electronics circuit design. The expected result is to develop a new innovative product. The purpose for using such an approach would be because current and historic approaches can't yield the desired result of a new product, or even worse can't develop the product without a new innovation. In addition to that, a resulting goal for using a cutting-edge approach would be to design-in and yield a miniaturization over prior art, decrease power demand and dissipation, lower cost, more robust and rugged operation, higher operative reliability, wider temperature extreme operation, greater tolerance to harsh environments, overall simplicity, ability to control remotely, lower weight, more dependable telemetry, and less dependency on payload and vehicle resources to operate said new product.